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Logging In to Your Account in the EIU Library Catalog

Logging In toYour Account allows you to perform a number of functions that are personal to you:

  • Saving items for future reference
  • Seeing what you have checked out and renewing things you need longer
  • Requesting items from other libraries and checking their delivery status
  • Checking on fines owed
  • Checking your profile to see if your contact information is up to date
  • Saving searches to perform again later
  • Creating lists.

The catalog provides two ways to log in to Your Account: with your EIU NetId and password, or by an alternate method if you don’t have an EIU NetID and password.  These choices appear in the upper right corner of the EIU Library Catalog.

Logging in with your  EIU NetID:

Clicking this link will open the familiar login screen used for many campus computing applications:

The first time you log in, after entering your EIU NetID and password above, you will be taken to the following screen.

Click on Profile from the middle of the list on the right side of the screen, and a form will appear to establish the link between your EIU NetID and your personal information profile.  Clicking on other selections from the Your Account menu will also work.

Your barcode number is 14 digits long and begins with 22211, and may be found on your PantherCard under your picture or on a card issued by EIU Distance Education.  Enter this number (with no spaces) in the Barcode box, then your last name in the Last Name box, and click Login.  When successfully completed, your name and address should appear.  You are ready to use the features of Your Account, and you will not need to complete this linking procedure again.  Future logins with your EIU NetID will take you directly to Your Account.  Please call the EIU Circulation Desk at 217 581-6071 if you need further assistance with logging in to Your Account.


Logging in using the Don’t Have an EIU NetID? link:

Using the EIU NetID is the preferred way to log in to the catalog, but some Booth Library patrons, such as community borrowers, do not have an EIU NetID.  If you need to use this alternative login, click the Don’t Have an EIU NetID? link and the following screen will appear.  Note the instructions directly above the barcode box:

Logging in to Your Account is identical to the initial linking procedure described above.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your login.  Entering the barcode and last name will need to be repeated each time you open Your Account using this alternative login method.

Logging Out

When you have completed the work you want to do in Your Account, you should log out to protect your private information, especially if you are working at a public computer.  Clicking the logout button may not complete the logout process.  This problem is being investigated, but until a solution is found, it is best to close your browser to assure connection to your private information has been terminated.

The Logout button is located in two places on the Your Account screen—in the upper right corner and as an action selection in the Your Account menu.

If the Your Account and Log Out buttons remain on the screen after clicking Log Out, the logout process failed.  You will want to close your browser to break connection with your personal information.