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RAND Online Publications Includes some full-text articles
RAND, a think tank based in Santa Monica, California, is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. Their online publications include full-text summaries of recent research on the following topics:The Arts, Child Policy, Civil Justice, Education, Energy and Environment, Health and Health Care, International Affairs, Latin America, Methodology, National Security, Population and Aging, Public Safety, Science and Technology, Substance Abuse, Terrorism and Homeland Security, Transportation and Infrastructure, Workforce and Workplace.

Readers' Guide Retrospective Requires Library ID when used off-campus
Index to popular magazines published from 1890 to 1982 covering a wide range of topics. (1890-1982)

Reference Books on EBSCOHost Requires Library ID when used off-campus Includes some full-text articles

Renewable Resource Data Center
The Renewable Resource Data Center (RReDC) provides access to an extensive collection of renewable energy resource data, maps, and tools. Biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind resource data for locations throughout the United States can be found through the RReDC.

Renewable Resources Databases
Because renewable resources vary considerably from one geographic location to another, optimal siting of renewable energy systems requires knowledge of the specific resource characteristics—availability, magnitude, and variability—at any given location. NREL provides high-quality renewable energy resource data for U.S. and international locations.

RIA Checkpoint (You must be in the library building to use this database) Includes some full-text articles
Welcome to the world of tax and financial research on the World Wide Web. The Checkpoint(TM) research system offers you fast, effective ways to find answers to your research questions. NOTE: This database must be accessed from inside the library building.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature Requires Library ID when used off-campus
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature is an international bibliography of scholarly writings on music as well as music-related disciplines. Dating from 1967 through the present, this database offers indexing of sources published in over 140 languages.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Requires Library ID when used off-campus Includes some full-text articles
Online version of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, published in June 1998, features over 2000 orginal articles from over 1300 leading international experts across the discipline of philosophy.