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Frankenstein Themes



Bogeyman Under the Bed

The Shelley Circle

Frankenstein Penetrating the Secrets of Nature

For various editions of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus, check the book stacks, call number PR5397.F7.



Frankenstein/Mary Shelley (Vogel, Malvina G.) stacks
PZ7.S54145 Fr 1993x

Frankenstein: a graphic classic (West, Terry M.) atrium
PR5397.F73 W47x 1999

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: the graphic novel (Reed, Gary) atrium
PN6738.F72 R43x 2005


Criticisms and Interpretations

Annotated Frankenstein (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) stacks
PR5397.F7 1977x

Approaches to teaching Shelley’s Frankenstein (Behrendt, Stephen and Mellor, Anne K.). stacks
PR5397.F73 A6 1990

Endurance of Frankenstein: essays on Mary Shelley’s novel (Levine, George, Knoepflmacher, U.C.) stacks
PR5397.F73 E5

Frankenstein archive: essays on the monster, the movies, and more (Glut, Donald F.) stacks
PN1995.9.F8G59 2002

Frankenstein Catalog (Glut, Donald F.) Reference
Z8814.95.G58 1984

Frankenstein, creation, and monstrosity (Bann, Stephen) stacks
PR5397.F73 F726 1994

Frankenstein notebooks (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) stacks
PR5401 1985 v. 9

Frankenstein: penetrating the secrets of nature: an exhibition by the National Library of Medicine Reference
R5397.F73 F75x 2002

Frankenstein: the 1818 text, contexts, 19th century responses, modern criticism (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) stacks
PR5397.F73 M36 1996

Mary Shelley (Bloom, Harold) stacks
PR5398.M25 1985

Mary Shelley and Frankenstein the fate of androgyny (Veeder, William R.) stacks
PR5397.F73 V44 1986

Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein (Nitchie, Elizabeth) stacks
PR5398 .N5

Mary Shelley in her times (Bennett, Betty T. and Curran, Stuart) stacks
PR5398.M27 2000

Mary Shelley reader: containing Frankenstein, Mathilda, tales and stories, essays and reviews, letters
(Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) stacks
PR5397.A4 1990

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; tracing the myth (Small, Christopher). stacks
PR5397.F738 1973

Readings on Frankenstein (Nardo, Don) stacks
PR5397.F73 R43 2000

Realistic imagination: English fiction from Frankenstein to Lady Chatterley (Levin, George Lewis) stacks
PR868.R4 L48

Remaking the Frankenstein myth on film: between laughter and horror (Picart, Caroline Joan) stacks
PN1995.9.F8 P54 2003

Routledge literary sourcebook on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Morton, Timothy) stacks
PR5398.R68x 2002

Understanding Frankenstein (Nardo, Don) stacks
PR5397.F73 N37 2003

Writing men: literary masculinities from Frankenstein to the new man (Shoene-Harwood, Berthold) stacks
PR468.M38 S36 2000x


Films and Sound Recordings

Bride of Frankenstein (Universal Pictures Corp.) Video
PN1997.B843X .VID

Bud Abbott & Lou Costello meet Frankenstein (Universal International) DVDs
PN1997.b862x .DVD

Frankenstein (Universal Pictures Corp.) Video PN1997.F69X .VID
Frankenstein/Mary Shelley (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) Audio
PR5397.F7 1993x .CD

Frankenstein: Nosferatu (A.D. Ventures International) DVDs
PN1997.F688x DVD

Frankenstein: original 1932 radio broadcast (Radio Spirits) Audio
PR5397.F712 1998x

Frankenstein: the man who made a monster (Universal Pictures Corporation) DVDs
PN1997.F69x DVD

Gods and Monsters (Lions Gate Films, Flashpoint, BBC Films) Video
PN1997.G6258x .VID

Mary Shelley: the birth of Frankenstein (BBC Education & Training) DVDs
PR5397 .F73 M3655 2004x .DVD

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) Audio
PR5397.F7 1998x. CASS

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (TriStar Pictures Inc.) Videos
PN1997.F3795x .VID

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (TriStar Pictures Inc.) DVDs
PN1997.F3795x .DVD

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: Frankenstein, the making of the monster (Discovery Comm., Inc.) DVDs
PR5397.F73 M33 2003x .DVD

True Story of Frankenstein (ICFT, Ltd., A&E Network) Video
PR5397.F75 1995x .VID

Young Frankenstein (Twentieth Century) Video
PN1997.Y68x .VID



Frankenstein (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) BTC
823 SH4F

Frankenstein moved in on the fourth floor (Levy, Elizabeth) BTC
813 L579fra

Making friends with Frankenstein: a book of monstrous poems and pictures (McNaughton, Colin) BTC
821 M232mak

Meet Frankenstein (Green, Naima) BTC
791.43 G824 mee

Vow of vengeance: the Bride of Frankenstein (Garmon, Larry Mike) BTC
813 G184v


Frankenstein (and other themes from the book)

Dinner at the new gene café: how genetic engineering is changing what we eat, how we live,
and the global politics of food (Lambrecht, Bill) stacks
TP 248.65.F66 L35 2001

DNA mystique: the gene as a cultural icon (Nelkin, Dorothy) stacks
QH430. N46 1995

Ethics of human cloning (Kass, Leon) stacks
QH442.2.K37 1998

Frankenstein: or, the modern Prometheus (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) stacks

From Faust to Strangelove: representations of the scientist in western literature (Haynes, Roslynn D.) stacks
PN56.5.S35 H39 1994

Frankenstein syndrome: ethical and social issues in the genetic engineering of animals (Rollin, Bernard E.) stacks
QH442.6.R65 1995

Genome: the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters (Ridley, Matt) stacks
QH431.R475 1999

Last man (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft) stacks
PR5397.L3 2004x

Mary Shelley: a literary life (Williams, John) stacks
PR5398.W55 2000

Mary Shelley in her times (Bennett, Betty T. and Curran, Stuart) stacks
PR5398.M27 2000

Mary Shelley Reader: containing Frankenstein, Mathilda, tales and stories, essays and reviews, letters
(Bennett, Betty T. and Robinson, Charles E.) stacks
PR5397. A4 1990

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: an Introduction (Bennett, Betty T.) stacks
PR5398.B46 1998

Science and the Enlightenment (Hankins, Thomas L.) stacks
Q125.H355 1985

Selected letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Bennett, Betty T.) stacks
PR5398.A4 1995



Biomedical ethics: opposing viewpoints (O’Neill, Terry) stacks
R724.B492 1994

Dolly the cloned sheep appears on the cover of Nature, vol. 385 issue 6619 periodicals

Clone Being: exploring the psychological and social dimensions (Levick, Stephen E.) stacks
QH442.2.L485 2004

Clone: the road to Dolly, and the path ahead (Kolata, Gina Bari) stacks
QH442.2.K65 1998

Cloning after Dolly: who’s still afraid: (Pence, Gregory E.) stacks
QH442.2.P458 2004

God and the embryo: religious voices on stem cells and cloning (Waters, Brent, & Cole-Turner, Ronald) stacks
GH442.2.G63 2003

Pandora’s baby: how the first test tube babies sparked the reproductive revolution (Henig, Robin Marantz) stacks
RG135 H46 2004

Unnatural selection: the promise and the power of human gene research (Wingerson, Lois) stacks
QH439.W56 1998



Biotechnology. (Messina, Lynn) stacks
TP 248.215.B56 2000

Debate over genetically engineered food: healthy or harmful? (Kowalski, Kathiann M.) stacks
TP 248.65.F66K69 2002

Frankenfood myth: how protest and politics threaten the biotech revolution
(Miller, Henry I. and Conko, Gregory) stacks
TP 248.23.M556 2004

Genetically engineered food: a self-defense guide for consumers
(Cummins, Ronnie and Lilliston, Ben) stack TP 248.65.F66C85 2000
Genetically modified crops (Halford, Nigel G.) stacks
SB 123.57.H35 2003x

Golems among us: how a Jewish legend can help us navigate the biotech century (Sherwin, Byron L.) stacks
TP 248.23.S535 2004

Lords of the harvest: biotech, big money, and the future of food (Charles, Daniel) stacks
TP 248.65.F66 C48 2001

Mendel in the kitchen: a scientist’s view of genetically modified foods
(Fedoross, Nina V. and Brown, Nancy Marie) stacks
TP 248.65.F66 F436 2004

Seeds of concern: the genetic manipulation of plants (Murray, David R.) stacks
SB 123.57.M87 2003

Bogeyman Under the Bed

Frightening the children: kids, grown-ups, and scary picture books (Stevenson, D.)
Horn Book magazine, vol.72, p.305-14 periodicals
Z1037.A1 A15

Monsters of childhood and adolescence website retrieved July 18, 2005 from

Killing monsters: why children need fantasy, super heroes, and make-believe violence (Jones, Gerad) stacks
P94.5. C55 J66 2002

Uses of enchantment (Bettelheim, Bruno) stacks
GR 550.B47 1976

The Shelley Circle

Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley (Hogg, Thomas Jefferson) stacks

Mary Shelley: romance and reality (Sunstein, Emily W.) stacks
PR5398.S86 1991

Percy Bysshe Shelley: a biography: youth’s unextinguished fire (Bieri, James) stacks
PR5432 .B54 2004

Preface to Shelley (Hodgart, Patricia) stacks
PR5431 .H58 1985

Shelley (White, Newman Ivey) stacks
PR5431 .W5

Shelley and Byron, a tragic friendship (Clarke, Isabel C.) stacks
PR5433.C55 1971

Shelley and his circle, 1773-1822 (8 volumes) (Cameron, Kenneth Neill) stacks
PR5431 .A33