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Booth Reference Librarians are at here to help you with your research in person, via phone, and online. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide professional research support to EIU students, staff and faculty as they navigate the complex resources in the EIU's Booth Library.

What do Reference Librarians do?

Working on a research paper or a thesis?

Do you have questions about resources and strategies to help you find all the relevant research?
Do you feel confident that your review of the scholarly literature is as thorough as it could be?
Are you happy with the format and accuracy of the works you cite?

Learn how reference librarians can help.

Booth Library has a large collection of reference resources in print and online

Reference books, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, almanacs and statistical compendia are those materials that are consulted as sources of information or as guides to other resources. These works are great places to begin your research.

Our reference collection contains books on all subjects. Many are in print, and hundreds of reference E-books and online reference resources are available.

The library purchases access rights to 100+ online databases providing you with high quality and scholarly information in all subjects.

There are 26 computers available in the Reference room for use in accessing the library databases and any resources linked from the library webpages including the EIU Library Catalog to find books, E-books, CDs, DVDs, government documents, musical scores, and more.
You may print an unlimited amount from these computers free of charge.

An additional 17 are open-lab computers with all university licensed software installed on them.
If you are off campus, all library resources are available from any computer with an internet connection.

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Reference Librarians:

David Bell
David Bell Reference Librarian
Reference Services
dsbell@eiu.edu | 217-581-7547 | 3505 Booth Library | Selected Works
Steve Brantley
Steve Brantley Head of Reference Services
Reference Services
jsbrantley@eiu.edu | 217-581-7542 | 3501 Booth Library | Selected Works
Andrew Cougill
Andrew Cougill Reference Librarian
Reference Services
aacougill@eiu.edu | 217-581-5090 | Booth Library 1513 | Selected Works
Michele McDaniel
Michele McDaniel Coordinator of Ballenger Teachers Center and Reference Librarian
Ballenger Teachers Center - Reference Services
mkmcdaniel@eiu.edu | 217-581-6099 | 1224 Booth Library | Selected Works